Tuesday, September 28, 2010


From being strangers
We became ‘Hie’ ‘Hello’ Friends & then ‘was sup’ buddies
We shared talks which had sense & which dint too
We spoke the best & the worst too
We made fun & fought too

Starting the day with Good morning &
Ending it with Goodnight
We spent hours & hours knowing each other

Time passed by, we came close
We started understanding each other
The turn- on’s, the turn-off’s, the mood swings
The meaning of a simple “hmm”
The meaning of a simple “slept?”
Not speaking a word, we could sense the feel
The feel of happiness
The feel of pain
& even the feel of silence

Our relation deepened, as deep as the ocean
It just felt as another part of me

But things had to change, by its nature
We had to let go …
The time…
The feelings…
& even each other.

And now it feels like the dried rose
With petals withered away


  1. wow. This is really good. Sound not like poem but is full of poetic words. I like it. I am thinking of borrow it and share on my facebook. May I, surely will attached name of writer, "NEN"

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  3. @ Kathya - Thx.. but not allowed :)