Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Wish…

A WISH to touch the sky one day
The whole world would turn around to have a look
A WISH to feel the touch of the twinkling stars
The brightness of which shines on me

May be a dream
May be a myth
But my heart & soul, craves for it.

I have taken refuge in the natures lap
Sands of time have helped me grow
I’m thankful to them & promise
I will strive harder and harder

A WISH to have omnipresence
Being tough as leather, soft as butter
Sharp as razor & patience of the trees
May be not so easy as an ABC
But there is no harm,
Imagining yourself…. as free as the mountain winds.

A WISH that all the ordeal, oozes away
A WISH that smiles cheer up the world
May be my wish is as intangible as a dream
Maybe my wish is as vague as a myth
But I’m as hopeful as the break of the day
As my heart & soul, craves for it!!


  1. hey dicount thoda discount dhe dhona tere wish ko!!!:P

  2. hmmmmmmmm sachi thoda discount dede yaar khuda dat main pray karo tere dream fulfil hone k liye....

  3. Hehehe.... irf.. vaise bhi u on fast.. Toh tere prayers jaldi pahunchne ke chances hai ;-)